Montag, 4. August 2014

Why I Belief Search Engine Optimization Still Works

A lot of people out there are talking about that search engine optimization is dead and that nothing works in order to rank highly in the Google search engines. For me, SEO is never dead and still alive.

Aslong as business owners hire SEO experts to take care of their website, this particular expertise is still alive. Links work better then they ever did. It is all about getting things just right. There are lot of people performing a seo campaign in the wrong manner.

They send all kind of spammy links to a website, with the intention to rank within the next 2 weeks, which is ofcourse not possible. Search Engine optimization made a huge shift torwards more quality links and quality content, compared to spammy quantity and websites.

Here's a great video for people that are not familiar with the core methods of a good website optimization. Please find it below.

It should be in the intention for all website owners to produce high quality content and get linked naturally. As these links may come from high quality and trusted sources, a website is going to rise in the search engines. The PR and trust factor plays a important role for that. Automated links should never be fired to a long-term webpage as they cause a penality guarenteed. A good read about this particular topic would be PDF's.

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